Friday, 28 March 2008


I've been rushing through Diana Vreeland's autobiography, where she notoriously declares that "pink is the navy blue of India".

Leafing through March's issue of Vanity Fair I saw images for the Spring/Summer 2008 Hermès ads and they're INSANE. I haven't been this excited about an ad campaign in ages, it's just insane. The whole thing makes me want to go to India, coat myself in pigments and celebrate Holi.

I hoped if I trawled the internet I would find the rest of the campaign. And so I have.

It's such a beautiful idea, the saturated pink and the bright orange are so striking against the dusty grey of the elephant's skin.

All of it reminds me of this image from the Jaeger archive, the way the elephants are opulently painted, the pinks, everything.

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