Thursday, 2 July 2009

You suddenly complete me

I've finally done it, I've bought a digital camera. So now I finally get why people have 247 photo albums on Facebook and each picture in that album repeated five times.

Because it makes sense you would need five versions of the same shot; there's the blurry one, the artistically blurry one, the one you took, the one your friend took so you could be in it, and of course, the riveting headless group shot. Seriously, feel free to edit.

Saying that, I'm now the one taking a million pictures a minute and staring at a shot of my shoes against the sofa, thinking "but people will want to see this!"

Anyway, here it is, the R8 in all it's smooth glory.

I bought it on James' recommendation because, really, it's not like I have a mind of my own.

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