Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand

I was reminded of Robert Longo's oversized drawings of handguns, Bodyhammers, by this head-on shot of a motorcycle from the new issue of Rojo.

In 1994's Issue 14 of Frieze Collier Schorr likens them to Vargas girls, "legs for miles and just a peek underneath the hood".

Longo has been a massive favourite of mine since I saw his Men in the Cities way back when, so when YES Studio used them for Maximo Park, naturally, I had one of those "I wish I'd done that" moments.

He's down with the cool cats all over the internet - his studio was recently shot by The Selby (power shots, as usual) and by Olivier Zahm for Purple.

If you're currently in the Old World, he's showing at the Galerie Saks in Geneva and at the MAMAC in Nice.

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bri. said...

i love the beautiful guns. gasp.